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"You Used To Call Me Sadness" (AT) - an Uilab session outtake?
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Stereo Mouse
Stereo Mouse
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Scrap that!

Ui+Lab DID the Eno cover in 1996.

e is for brian eno
Funny enough, we just did some recording with Ui last week, in London. Sasha [Frere-Jones of Ui - (hs)] wanted to do a cover version of Brian Eno's Saint Elmo's fire. So we recorded that and it's not very pop, actually. But we haven't finished it yet: Ui are going to put to rhythms on it. It was really good fun working with Ui and I think we did some really good things with that Brian Eno song. We also did some other tracks we just made up in the studio and they sound really good too. Ui are really open-minded people and one of my favourite bands.

May 28, 2009, 11:00