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Rank the Stereolab albums
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Rank the Stereolab albums

You don't have to put everyone. I know realistically most don't own them all. But out of the ones you have, put the favorite to least.

1. Sound-dust
2. Cobra and Phases
3. Dots And Loops
4. Fab Four Suture
5. Emperor Tomato..
6. Peng
7. Margerine Eclipse
8. Chemical Chords
9. Transient Random..
10. Mars Audio Quintet
11. Space Age

Sound-dust is what got me into them. So maybe, admittingly, there may be some bias. lol Cobra puts me in so many great moods. Chemical Cords and Space age seem like just a let down to me. Ofcourse, this is just MY opinion and how I feel at this moment.

Now YOUR lists.

Jun 05, 2009, 20:12


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