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The Chicago show (10/10/08) - my experience meeting Stereolab
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The Chicago show (10/10/08) - my experience meeting Stereolab

Got to the show only 10 mins before showtime, but I was able to get right up in the middle front (whew)!

Monade was great; 1st time I saw the other singer (or Monade for that matter), and she's a cutey! When Laetitia came out, it was really quiet and she said "Open your books to page 96. Let us pray." Pretty funny.

Le Loup wasn't my style, but I could see some people liking them (as those around me seemed to).

Stereolab was great, although I was looking forward to the movie screen behind them that I heard about and it wasn't there. Also, they kept having screaching feedback issues. :(

Introducing "Eye of the Volcano", she said "This is a song about Freedom Fries." and then made a kind of 'grrrr' face and gesture that made me laugh.

When she introduced Ping Pong, she said something about Meghan McCain and said "Oh, the irony!".

Introducing "The Ecstatic Static" she said something about it being about pimps.

Stomach Worm was great and they had an extended 3-4 minutes of hectic buildup/jamming near the end before coming back to the recognizeable sounds of that song. Tim was strumming his guitar so fast during a couple songs that he had to shake his hand out of fatigue afterwards.

The new keyboard/vocals guy was OK; he looked a little bit like Ian Curtis from Joy Division I thought, and he looked depressed/staring at Laetitia almost the whole show. Tim later told me he has a bad back, so I guess maybe he was in pain.

Afterwards, only about 3 of us were waiting for signatures in the alley. The drummer passed us by a couple times saying that "I'm working, mate."

Apart from him, everybody was really nice. The other keyboardist said he lives in Istanbul (really? wow). Tim was really, really nice. I told him "Who cares if sales are down, people will be buying your music for years to come. You've GOT to release the nighttime sessions!" and he coyly said "I don't know what you're talking about." and smiled. Later, he said he's never heard them referred to like that, and said they're not really darker sounding than the current tracks, but I said oh well, I love it all! :)

Tim liked the shirt another guy was wearing that said "Obama gonna knock you out!", so we chatted a little bit about that; he's convinced (and happy) that Obama's going to win.

Laetitia said that Monade can be pronounced both ways... Mone-aad (like they say in France) or Mone-aid (like lemonade).

They were hanging around in front of the Vic for a while afterwards, chatting with some band members from Tortoise and The Eternals. There was a 20 yr old hanging out with us getting signatures... every time one of them walked away, he said "god bless you" and although the band was polite and said thanks, I didn't hear any of them say "bless you" or anything like that back (which made me happy), so I'm not so sure they're all that religious like others have been pondering... I wish I would have asked.

I'll upload a scan of the tour single later (with 5 out of 6 signatures... I couldn't find the new guy). They were sold out of the green laundry bag, so I got purple. They were also selling the 7" record single from their last tour, in case you missed it.

Oct 13, 2008, 21:11


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