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The Chicago show (10/10/08) - my experience meeting Stereolab
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apologies my dearest Labhead.

murilix wrote:
The funny thing is that Laetitia clearly talks (with Tim beside her) about "day and night time" on the Pitchfork interview just posted and that happened while they were in New York, one before Chicago... So most likely Tim simply doesn't think that way. IMO this is something that adds to the greatness of the groop. Tim's a master and Laetitia is a monster, that's a perfect combination.

Can't wait to see them in San Francisco next week.

Yeah i just watched the clip and she clearly says Nighttime, like Nocturnal (apologies my dearest labhead) In any statement i had read she said day to night. Perhaps it was the use of the word session? maybe like ppl think they were recorded at night? Tim kinda makes a face when laetitia starts talking about the night record. as he reaches behind him and (accidentally) sneaks into her frame. perhaps he's in deep denial about things.

Did laetitia say she did some of the mixing on the new one?

I think starting with Cobra as a first record is misleading. When it came out i wasnt a huge Lab fan, i liked D+L and Refried, emperor and such but i hadnt lived in montreal at that point where i truely fell in love with the lab.

I remember all my lab friends talking about cobra and saying "its horrible its claustifphobic and endless" i remember one saying specifically "its like a train trip into hell" and that tainted my vision of the record. All these poppy mods just got their noses turned up by this kind of jammy/proggy record. I didnt like it off the bat because of them. Now its one of my favourites.

Oct 14, 2008, 21:57


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