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Politics Free For A Month?
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Re: health care

cybele wrote:
What a tired argument. . .

That the police force, firefighters, and the starving children that will all die if I don't at least half-embrace the necessity of Socialism and celebrate its half-success. More like zero success. Our schools are a fucking joke. Our bridges are crumbling, our roads are like the surface of the moon, and our corrupt politicians are at the healm.

This isn't because I don't pay ENOUGH in taxes - it's because they STEAL and WASTE my taxes in the way that no competitive, successful business or priviate industry can. The amount of waste and grift is staggering.

Locally, in Chicago, we're taxing ourselves into oblivion. Talent and businesses are leaving the state in droves. We're turning into Detroit while our indicted politicians make TV appearances and fly on private jets.

Federally, our debt has increased to the point of zero return. Like Germany before WWII, we should start printing money on one side in order to get it out the door quick enough.

Nowhere in our constitution does it mention running railroad companies into the ground, owning mortgages, or limiting the school choice of my children to the point where they are taught by a bunch of illiterate criminals.

Enjoy paying for Social Security or would you rather invest it yourself? How well does Medicaid work? Like shit, but hey - let's give these crooks the entire healthcare system and see how that shakes out. . .


I agree that the gov't needs major fixing, but on the flip side, I don't trust the private industry that is only out to make a quick buck. Bush made a big push to privatize the military, and we've seen what a joke that was, with the contractors not showing up with the soldier's food, providing tainted water and food, raping women and not being held accountable, billions of dollars unaccounted for, etc etc etc. One thing we do know is that our current health care system isn't working well, so I'm willing to try something different. The gov't run health care is working well enough for the soldiers and polititians, I want a piece of that action if I choose.

I think our major pillars of society (necessities of life) should be controlled by the gov't, AKA Socialism, and keep the rest at capitalism. We need to take the best ideas from all theories instead of 100% capitalism (which we've never had) or anything else to be successful. So far, Obama has 'socialized' somewhere around 1-5%, a very small amount. Why does it have to be all or nothing?

Any time everything's been left to greed (capitalism), eventually nothing's left. We got into these problems primarily through de-regulation, so obviously the free market idea isn't working.

Fix the gov't, but don't get rid of it unless you think complete anarchy works (AKA libertarian).

Jun 16, 2009, 23:15


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