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Politics Free For A Month?
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Re: health care

We need a good blend of both cap. and soc. Those of us who need less of a helping hand from the gov. will want a strong capitalist society whereas those less fortunate will need a strong socialist infrastructure. It is all based upon needs of the nation's citizens of which our country has a varied mix.

sidebar: I can't believe how the returning soldiers were/are treated. The army base nearby here has had 11 suicides of soldiers so far this year. The vets need a helping hand both mentally, socially, fiscally, etc. They have indured what we can only imagine. The cowboy president should that's old news..I'm not going to say it because this web site is spidered.

Obama should plan for a strong social gov. to help all citizens and rebuild the nations social and physical infrastructure. However, his bailing out of the private companies leaves me wondering. The tax payer will eventually have to cover the huge cost of this action. I am not confident that Obama will find savings to cover the bailout. I mean when you get really real this expense will fall on our shoulders. A mixed blessing we have here, but it has always been that way.

Jun 17, 2009, 19:27


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