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Politics Free For A Month?
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Re: health care

Labhead wrote:
. . .with the contractors not showing up with the soldier's food, providing tainted water and food, raping women and not being held accountable, billions of dollars unaccounted for, etc etc etc.

That is because the contractors were CHOSEN BY THE GOVERNMENT. This isn't exactly a privatized military. And there is a difference between the government being in bed with certain contractors vs. a more separate entity such as Allstate insurance or State Farm.

In your example, it was a contractor + a government crony seeking to profit at the expense of soldiers that had no say in the relationship. It's a double-profit for two corporations with the "clients" having ZERO say. If I don't like Allstate, I got to BCBS or United Healthcare, etc. Yes, there are cronies in their boardrooms, but I have a choice, and one company profits for the services.

I happen to know personally of a chain of restaurants that is run by pure evil. I choose not to eat there.


Jun 17, 2009, 20:19


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