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Re: Caliboredom 101

Thanks. That does make some sense to me. Certainly, the way that the money is spent is probably much more important than how it's raised.

I grew up in Oregon, where the lack of sales tax often gets blamed for the state's habitually slow economic recovery. The argument that I've heard is: when the national economy slows down, people start losing their jobs and property values fall, so the state's biggest sources of income dry up. In the end, local governments just don't have any room in their budgets to invest in the kind of programs that would attract or stir up new business, so everyone is just left inching along. Supposedly, a sales tax would provide a more consistent stream of income to the state when it needs it the most. Sounds pretty reasonable to me, but like I said - I've got a very rudimentary understanding of finance & economics, so increasing certain taxes during a recession doesn't strike me as such a preposterous idea.

PS - I'm not sure if Oregon will ever institute a sales tax, though - it's been about a hundred years since anyone moved there for the sake of making money, and I think a lot of the hippies & libertarians would rather enjoy their smug sense of uniqueness than have to go to work, anyways.

Jun 23, 2009, 01:29


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