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Re: Bush vs Obama deficit

Gotcha, and I'm sorry that I overreacted a few posts ago. I actually feel like shit about it but I can't stand feeling insulted.

We can argue about who made the deficit what it is now and who is going to increase it ___ much.

My thing is. . .you don't increase a deficit ever. In the heat of the recession, you certainly don't increase it to buy time and rob Peter to pay Pauly and fuck & squeeze the responsible people in the meantime.

Squeezed on both ends we are. We get taxed to death. We see the taxes wasted and squandered by our bureaucrats.
1) We don't have enough of a voting base to overthrow them because the people that vote for, and sustain them are part of some of the largest corporations in the world: the government. The metermaid (that spat on my windshield the other day when I thanked her for $75 ticketing me for being 3 minutes over on my over-priced meter) makes a pension you would not believe--and the city that pays her is bankrupt! But no matter. . .let's put the taxpayers on the hook for the Olympics, yes?

2) We don't have enough of a voting base to stop this racist, completely ass-backward cycle of poverty and welfare entitlement. It renders people in such a mindset of victimization that they fail to see that their destinies are in their hands--not the government's at the wasteful behest of me.

I'm in the middle and most businesses are. . .we're totally squeezed and there is a breaking point. Fuck that!

Or. . .I guess I could be wrong. Increase my taxes more...everything was working so damn well for the poor prior to the recession, right?


Jun 23, 2009, 04:14


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