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Politics Free For A Month?
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Re: schools & welfare; a positive point of view?

cybele wrote:
Let me ask you something. . .why do adults produce children that require them to need programs? How fucking irresponsible is that?

Me, I'd love to have children but I utilize birth control when I snap it off because when I have children -- I'm going to be a responsible father and pay for my son or daughter in every way.

What gives?


No matter what system there is, it will be abused. This cannot be avoided, although it can be cut down a little of course. I'm sure a lot of people really need it to get out of bad/hard luck times, just as some will abuse. If you take away all the social props, then everything gets worse because people will be forced to a life of crime to steal-the-breadloaf-to-feed-their-family thing.

Just as some will overcome poverty through public schools and grants (and others will waste their time and money), some will grow out of welfare. If we don't provide the means, then only those who are born into a living wage will be able to make a good life for themselves and become more productive. It's easy to have a negative view of life, but there's got to be good stories out there with the bad, right? hmmm... I hope so

Jun 23, 2009, 05:20


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