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Politics Free For A Month?
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Re: schools & welfare; a positive point of view?

I do have a negative outlook on welfare because I see it very seldom getting people in need out of the cycle of poverty. I see the opposite happening.

And many (but not all) of these people lead a life of crime, and they don't do it to steal-the-breadloaf-to-feed-their-family. For the most part, there is no concept of family. The percentage of African-American children that don't know who their father is astounding. What percentage of them are born out of wedlock? What percentage have teenage mothers? What percentage drop out of high school? What percentage have been arrested, in prison, or are convicted felons?

It's not just patently obvious that the current welfare system is a wasteful, racist, segregational, isolationist, criminal phenomenon. It's obvious that this (very limited funding at this point) is being taken advantage of by both the politicians that espouse it (and get elected because of it) and the recipients that see no other way of living other than to marry into it.

The entire outlook of someone in this situation is that of bleak victimization and anger. The end result is the inability of self-reliance of any kind; the inability to go into the world and do better for yourself and your children. The majority of people stuck here have the same issues their parents had and their parents had. Most drop out of high school, have no fiscal educations whatsoever--and get taken advantage of every time they step into a currency exchange. It even extends itself to simple things like picking up garbage, not eating unhealthy clown food, or having the ability follow a manditory evacuation due to a category 5 hurricane.

Immigrants (illegal or not) set their alarm clocks, wake up, and work their asses off to feed and better the lives of their families because they have completely polar-opposite attitudes about this country than people stuck in in this system of entitlement.

To continue to fund this is not only unfair to the recipients stuck in the cycle, but it's unfair to the responsible tax-paying people and businesses. It's not only unfair--it's gonna squeeze us too much. There will be no growth or recovery, no further opportunities for anyone mentioned above.

Hell yeah it's pessimistic. . .


Jun 23, 2009, 17:32


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