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pitchfork tv talks to tim and laetitia pt 1
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Re: pitchfork tv talks to tim and laetitia pt 1

jeff w wrote:
My impression is that Cobra has been rediscovered in recent years. For every early 'lab fan it lost them at the time, it's gained them new ones since.

And yes, it's their greatest LP IMHO :)

*reposted from other thread*
I remember all my lab friends talking about cobra and saying "its horrible its claustifphobic and endless" i remember one saying specifically "its like a train trip into hell" and that tainted my vision of the record. All these poppy mods just got their noses turned up by this kind of jammy/proggy record. I didnt like it off the bat because of them. Now its one of my favourites.

Oct 14, 2008, 22:36


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