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pitchfork tv talks to tim and laetitia pt 1
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Re: pitchfork tv talks to tim and laetitia pt 1

yikes. you can cut the tension between those two with a knife!

laetitia has obvious resentment towards the way tim controls the course that stereolab takes -- it makes me that much more interested to hear the 'nighttime chords' record, especially since she says she said she had a hand in its production(which is a big deal!).

i also have to say i agree w/ her in terms of production values on CC. it sounds so canned and precise. it reminds me of taking a walk through frankfurt's city centre -- so clean that it's almost sterile. i would expect the other version to sound more organic and a little rougher around the edges (which i prefer)...

Oct 14, 2008, 15:50


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