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RIP Michael Jackson
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Re: MJ & Stereolab

MY RETURN wrote:
What bothers me are all the so-called fans that are coming outta the wood work. I had to defend him for years like I defend Stereolab (haters) and know people are realizing how stupid they were.

Mozart was a child star who died young and tragic. Elvis died before I was born. They said he was washed up. And probably the same will happen again for Madonna or whoever.

Everybody is appreciated more after they're gone, it seems. Maybe people only remember the good things after a while, forgetting the bad. Ever notice how artists' work is suddenly more in demand and the prices go up, maybe because people know the work is then limited and more precious because they can't make more after death.

I'm even appreciating vivakomeda and bemo more now that they're gone. haha, a little joke there

Jun 26, 2009, 22:35


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