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pitchfork tv talks to tim and laetitia pt 2
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GaryB wrote:
Pretty uninspired questions, really. I am far more interested in the Tim/Lae 'relationship'. Was Lae having a dig at Tim about who has the control in Stereolab? I must say that I respect them both for carrying on with the groop. I have always really disliked my ex girlfriends. I could never work with one. God, what a thought!!

I watch my staff and they all try to mend their relationships with their ex's to end on good terms. To move on as if they are the bigger person. I always wonder why. When my relationships have been over they are OVER. I'm not interested in carrying on. I probably wouldnt say hi to one in a market if i saw them. They served their purpose and i moved on. And so have they (hopefully). all of my relationships have ended very rapidly and i have never been in contact with that person again. Mind you i have always picked mates outside of my social circle.

I think Tim has always treated Laetitia like an instrument. Cept this instrument writes her own notes and plays herself. there is a certain comfort in a formula that works, right?

Oct 14, 2008, 22:25