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Legal Buds
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Re: Legal Buds

lique wrote:
Yeah, there's no way to please everyone. I smoke pot, as much as I can. Had a daily habit, and now I can't afford it. Did I go through withdrawals like a coke-head or heroin user? Nope. So why is it classified as a type 1 substance next to those dangerous drugs. It's a plant, and the war on this plant ruins lives on an almost minutely basis.

Cybele, my answer to your problem is simple. Hypothetically, if you and I were in a relationship, didn't like pot, but was willing to put up with my habit, I would make the concession that I would either smoke outside, or being in an urban area where that might not be a good idea, keep my "smoking room" well ventilated. That isn't too much of a sacrifice to keep your precious air clean! Maybe your significant other didn't feel like opening a window, I don't know.

I just read an article about people and organizations that want to make the planet drug free. It really didn't say anything about helping people, offering solutions, or finding way to treat people's various problems. I smoke weed and don't go out and do stupid things and get arrested. So what is to blame when someone else does? The person, or the plant? It shouldn't take much to figure out if you have any common sense, but most people who want to carry on the prohibition or more interesting in control, money, and following the sheeple. The whole should be pro-choice!

And getting back to why I started this topic, those legal buds suck, wouldn't get a fly high, but they do have some effects, taste good, (they same edible), but are a complete waste of time without THC.

Oh, and Stereolab records are better when you are high!!!

Many pharmaceuticals and drugs come from plants, that doesn't automatically make them healthy or safe. I never put pot in the same category as a type 1 drug and never said I agree with that.

I do think drive under the influence or while intoxicated is dangerous and society has a right to protect itself from this. I have been guilty of it myself, your vehicle really turns into a weapon. What you do in the privacy of your own home is your business though. I just gave my experience. Just like living with an alcoholic can possibly be a bad experience, this can be too. Everyone's experiences will vary.

Jul 06, 2009, 01:41


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