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New Order anecdote thread
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"A', the Barras are better...."?

I don't know if I would say the Barras is the best venue in the UK, as obviously I haven't been to all the others! But it's definitely one of my favourites in Glasgow, and for that size of venue I think it would be hard to beat. I've been to many, many gigs there over the years, and can't say it's ever been a disappointment. On the contrary, I have nothing but lots of happy memories from that place. The only show I have seen there which I left feeling slightly annoyed with was the Shins last year, who were great, but the audience was chronically dull, just people standing with their arms folded, tutting at anyone who dared to move (or even look in the least bit happy). I hate that, but sadly it seems to be the way things are going. Damn chin-stroking hipsters. As Gary B says, I think an "up-for-it" crowd totally affects the whole atmosphere of the event, and also to an extent the acts performance (that old chestnut about the band feeding off the energy of the crowd and vice versa and whatnot). I'm not saying people should be pogo-ing around like crazy or anything, but a little bit of movement would be nice. I hate when everyone is rammed in like sardines and you feel you have to stand in a locked position, and limit any kind of physical reaction you may be feeling to the music (ie dancing a bit).....

I didn't know SY were playing there again soon, I'm going to check that out and hopefully grab a ticket right now, very exciting! You must relinquish your vow Basil, I saw 'em there on the "Washing Machine" era, and again on the "Nurse" tour.....both were incredible shows!

As for Oran Mor, it's quite a nice venue. A bit too upmarket for my liking, and very expensive for a pint, but then I guess most places are nowdays. There's no cloakroom either as I recall, which is a bit of a scunner in december. But the sound is good, and the view is decent as long as yr not stuck behind the Gary Bs of this world! :) It's quite intimate, so I'd get there fairly early if you want to be down near the front. I saw Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks there in the summer, and arrived just as they were taking the was a great show, but I couldn't see much at all. Managed to get to roughly the middle on the left hand side (where my pals were standing), not so great a view, and it was indeed very sweaty (I think it was July or something though, the place was stifling). I'd have liked to go further forward, but it was pretty much impossible without being very ignorant to people.

I'm sure the lab gig is going to be great, and I'm glad they're playing there rather than say King Tut's (which I really don't like at all, easily the most over rated venue ever.....)

Right, that's me done with my venue ranting for now.....

8 )

Oct 14, 2008, 22:01


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