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Sad Lab help me out.
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Re: Joy Division, Lou Reed, Pink Flody, This Mortal Coil, Leonard Cohen

Labhead wrote:
Also, Lou Reed's Berlin album is very good, but makes me want to kill myself over sadness.

The only reason i ever picked up Berlin was because a Janitor at one of my old jobs used to sing "happy birthday dear Kylie" to me everyday (cuze my name is kyle and hes a bit of a nutter) And one day i asked him why he did that, and he said its the intro to Lou Reeds Berlin and every time he saw me he thought of that album. and he liked to think that i was the child lou was singing to at the begining.

Then finally one day i was in a used record shop in Montreal and i bought Berlin, and i listened to it on my bf's turntable and headphones and with that tragic idea in mind it carried me away. I dont think i've ever been the same after that.

I told him i bought it. He asked me if i liked it, i said of course i did its amazing. He said "lou was singing to you." I said 'i wasnt even born yet' he said "he was still singing to you." then we parted ways and i never saw him again. Rumour was his dad died and he moved out west to deal with it, but that was the last time i saw him.

I'm grateful that i at least solved that mystery as to why everyday was my birthday and why he called me Kylie. I feel connected to that album in a rather odd way. because of him. and our breif hall way encounters.

Oct 16, 2008, 00:57


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