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Canadian elections: The Right won again.
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Re: Yay!!! Majoratarians win!!!!

Cheeso wrote:
And when a good president is elected, is Democracy then a good thing?

Of course, democracy can lead to good governments, but we have seen that the opposite is also true: bad government can arise from democracy. A single term of bad government can easily cancel the progress made by many terms of good government.

If democracy was as good as you suggest, then it would always leads to good governments, democratic nations would continuously progress instead of stagnating or regressing like we are seeing these days. Problems would be solved instead of having more problems created... I could go on and on...

Again, the best example is the USA. The second term of GW Bush is the proof that democracy is not so good. I can understand that having him elected for his first term was an "honest mistake" from the American voters, but repeating the same mistake twice by giving Bush a second term clearly shows that something is wrong. Look at the sad state your nation is as we speak: on the verge of financial disaster, many billions spent on perhaps the stupidest war in mankind's history, billions that could have been spent instead in education, wellfare and research: Years of progress, huge ressources, millions of man-hours flushed down the drain by a single bad democratic administration...

Yeah, you will probably want to use the excuse of the rigged elections, but if you do so, then you must first admit that the USA is no longer a democratic nation. If the GOP could cheat on the polls for W's first term, if the polling system could not prevent them from cheating again on W's second term, then something is totally messed-up in your country. The USA was supposedly once a true democratic nation, but democracy failed to keep the dirtiest form of corruption to slowly but surely infiltrate most if not all of the US administration as well as most of the US people.

Yes, I am not so sure about what is the biggest problem: Bad governments or the people who elected them?

Oct 16, 2008, 04:15