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Re: Beck / Scientology

guero wrote:
I can't believe Beck is jewish...

Religion is stupid (imo) even if it's xtianity, judaism, islam, scientology or whatever (jedi is cool though)... But whatever faith he has, has nothing to do with us - he's still one of the coolest and best artists out there imo. Religion is a personal thing as long as it doesn't hurt other people (and as far as I know - Bek has never hurt anyone)!

Beck in Spin magazine:

My father was doing scientology in the 60's, so it's something that's been around for most of my life. But the only time I hear anything negative about it is in interviews. In the real world, people I know, they don't give a shit. I was raised celebrating jewish holidays, and I concider myself jewish. But I've read books on scientology and drawn insights from that.

I guess I was sad when I heard, mostly.

Here's the thing. I don't view Scientology as a religion, I view it as a cult. I've heard other nations agree, such as Germany and France. It's no more a religion than psuedo-science, except obviously nothing like that... but how could it be a religion if they don't believe in a god either? They one-up us atheists, though, because there's an alien backstory from L. Ron Hubbard's mind. Of course, I think all religions are silly, but this one is one of the worst, IMHO. I don't really feel like explaining it all, but there's a lot of info out there, if their army of lawyers haven't gotten to it yet.

Hmmm... maybe we should really establish the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster/Pastafarianism so we can reap the benefits, and stop letting the COS have all the tax-free fun. If they can do it, why can't we, right?

I have the Midnight Vultures album, but after a while it became a bit annoying I thought. I like some of his other songs (e.g. Loser), I'll have to check out some of the albums mentioned here.

Jul 15, 2009, 04:25


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