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what are your veiws on abortion?
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Re: what are your veiws on abortion?

I'm completely pro-choice.

We've got too many kids in adoption agencies already... I can't imagine what would become of us if suddenly every accidental or rape pregnancy were brought to fruition, imagine 50 times the amount of kids put up for adoption, society would probably collapse one way or another. It breaks my heart to think of all the sad situations people get innocent children into, so I think only those who are ready, capable, and willing should have kids.

For those who argue against late-term abortion (which, understandably should be kept to a minimum), they just don't have any clue what others have to go through. Imagine this real-life scenario: you have kids already, and you get pregnant again and you decide to keep it. Then, 7 months into the pregnancy, your dormant Lupus becomes active and you need to go through chemo-therapy which will probably kill or mutate the baby, but you're against late-term abortion, so you take your chances hoping god will lead you through. You end up dying anyway along with the fetus, leaving your existing children without their mom. Is that the moral path to choose, better than a mercy-abortion and chemo so that your existing kids keep their mom and support? Choices aren't always easier, and abortion is never an easy, healthy or cheap choice... but is sometimes absolutely necessary.

It comes down to a religious argument. I don't believe in souls, and I don't think it really becomes a baby/person until at the very least consciousness sets in... until then, it is simply growing/developing meat, no more valuable than sperm or hair, but obviously with more potential to become something more. But if you're so concerned with what something COULD become, then why not impregnate someone every single day as much as humanly possible, because who knows, they/you may eventually give birth to the next Einstein or Jesus, right? Like Monty Python's Meaning of Life sang/joked about, Every Sperm Is Sacred, right? ;)

People who are anti-choice should be 100% vegan, or they're hypocritical in my eyes, because if a non-conscious fetus has a right to life, why wouldn't conscious animals as well? And flies, and bacteria, and amoeba... they're life too, right? ;P

You have to draw the line somewhere, and I draw it at consciousness... but I won't force someone else to draw the line at the same point, everyone's entitled to their opinions as long as they don't hurt or infringe on freedoms.

I was so sad when Dr. George Tiller was recently murdered that I donated for the first time in my life, to Planned Parenthood and Medical Students for Choice.

Jul 15, 2009, 23:28


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