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what are your veiws on abortion?
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Just kidding.

Tell you a story. . .

So back in the college days, my friend is trying his most earnest to snap one off on this girl but she was a total liberal. He didn't care about that so much as he saw it as an obstacle between him and his object of fancy.
She drags him to an pro-choice rally. I dunno, I guess at some point it became obvious to him that he's never gonna get access to the puss-snatch, so he decides to give up in a creative way.
When the rally was over, there were tables set up to take donations, so this girl drags him over there. "Would you like to make a donation to our fund" asks the girl behind the table? My friend reaches into his pocket and pulls out two old crumpled dollar bills and proceeds to toss them gingerly across the table and says, "yeah sure. . .I mean, I figure since I caused so many abortions, maybe it's time to, you know, throw a couple a bucks back your way."

Jul 16, 2009, 15:52


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