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what are your veiws on abortion?
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Re: However. . .

cybele wrote:
I think that's painting Republicans with a rather broad brush. I'm personally against welfare not only because people leech from it, but because it totally keeps people dependant and prevents them from going anywhere.

As for abortion, I just said I wasn't against it.

So. . .you're both fucking wrong with your generalizations then aren't you? I don't paint Democrats with such a broad brush.

Most people are not on opposite sides left and right folks even though they vote one of two ways.


Understood. I've never thought that all republicans fit the stereotypes, just as I don't fit all liberal stereotypes (I 1/2 believe in gun rights, and I'm not a vegetarian, for instance).

We're referring to the majority and the official republican party platform, but of course not all party members will agree with EVERYTHING their party officially stands for.

Don't take everything personally. :)

Jul 17, 2009, 21:29


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