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Denver show
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Denver show

Awesome show! Le Loup was better than expected. Altough I think the band sounds better with female voices but over all they are a decent band. Monade was excellent. I was never that impressed by their albums, too mellow (but I will revisit for sure), but the songs translate very well live. I love the bass player (her accent is unreal!). I think she would compliment the groop very well and be the female voice the groop has been missing. The groop was awesome! Great selection of songs great energy and very tight. I hung out to meet the band afterwords ignoring security as long as possible until Leticia showed up, (got everyones autograph except for Andy, working hard as usual :). This was my second time speaking with Tim and Leticia. I always try to let Tim know how much his music is appreciated but he can never be bothered. Leticia was very gracious and put up with my drunken accolades even bearing to take a picture with me. Overall an excellent night!

Oct 15, 2008, 14:59