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The stairway of random thoughts
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Re: The stairway of random thoughts

I haven't viewed a thread for a while. Every time I come back the board is full of things that don't interest me. This thread looks interesting but I wasn't sure whether to read all the previous posts or just the opening one and the last one in the line. I would suppose it would disqualify genuine randomness if you read the previous threads because you would be influenced by the background discussion. In that way, it would be a bit like reality TV where the person whole actions are mediated by the fact that they know they are on TV. But on the other hand, simply responding to the previous post with or without prior knowledge should still generate something. Like I guess my comment about reality TV reminded me that it has been a very long time since I watched TV. The last time I did, I found the advertisements assaultive and wondered how people cope with it every day. What is the effect of watching about 20 minutes of patronising rubbish every hour? Being yelled at to buy more things because it will make you happy? No thought of intelligent conversation in them whatsoever.

Oct 31, 2012, 21:01


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