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Re: Who are you?

My actual name is Robert, and although my screen name is Cybele (and the fact that my writing has been likened to that of a high school girl) I am actually a 34 year old voodoo man chile. I?ve been Cybele now since I came onto the forum during the Cobra phases. I got into the Groop ever since the Parsec VW Bug commercial. I had seen the commercial a few times and was amazed. It stopped airing on TV for several months, but I never forgot about it.

Funny story. . .I got on the internet for the absolute first time, went to Yahoo, and found out that the commercial was featuring Parsec. This was the first ?entry? or ?query? I made on the internet. Bought Dots and Loops, fell in love, then Aluminum, then Cobra, then eventually everything I could get my hands on. Then I got a computer and became Cybele.

Am I a Republican? I insist that I?m not, but I have been labeled as the forum Conservative. While I might be the only Stereolab fan that has a few (mostly fiscal) Conservative bones in their body, it doesn?t really bother me because I?ve met some really cool people here, and I continue to enjoy all of the convos and arguments that come up.

Recently, I visited London and meet some real genuine people there, but meeting people from the rest of the world on this forum continues to be an amazing thing, and the significance of it never gets old to me.

I?ve always lived in various places in the Chicago area. My father fixed cars and my mother sold clothes and insurance. I work in a billing department downtown. I love Chicago and I love music. I love my girlfriend. I love movies and other forms of art past and present. I hate violent and stupid people (usually go hand in hand).

Please advise,

Oct 16, 2008, 18:49


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