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Re: Who are you?

I like to sing along with the songs while driving. A nice sound studio, my MINI Cooper. Stereolab is a recent interest. Actually, I may have been brainwashed by my dear old dad playing his at the other end of the house! This forum is fun, interesting and to some extent a learning resource as well with all the discussion about music and politics. Apparently food is discussed as well, but I didn?t see that. I attend at a local university working towards a Business major with a minor in Art. Hope to design and market my own clothing designs. Ok, my name is Zanie, 19 years old and wise for my years mind you!

I have this handy little chart of phrases where you can put the phrases together in different combinations so as to create statements that sound like they say something but actually don?t. Check this one out:

One might say that the massing of major musical elements must utilize and be functionally interwoven with the sophisticated solution of the musical composition. Aesthetically speaking the introduction of brutalism maximizes the real probability of emotional overruns for the anticipated degree of impact on the human ambiance. On the other hand the treatment of the main riff adds acuteness with a certain conflict gradient. With sensitive respect for human auditory scale the by-product of repetitive sound articulation requires exhaustive tradeoff in the final quantitative analysis. Indubitably, above and beyond plebian acoustical comfort objectives, the auditory impact analysis presents extremely synergistic challenges to the philosophy of noncommonality and unstandardization. Beyond the horizon of human intellect the structural dynamic analysis imposes smothering constraints upon the creation of an immortal monument to posterity. In the final rationalization the internal use of overlaying chord adjacencies eliminates the overridding constraints to the final composition.

Oct 16, 2008, 20:36


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