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Re: Who are you?

I'm Kyle! I was named after a child who was crushed under my mothers bus (she drove school bus when pregnant with me) During a terrible snow storm a bus that should not have been dispatched lost its footing, rolled over and crushed a child. His name was Kyle. My mother never really got over that and named me after him as (i guess) some form of gratitude or repayment.

I am Twenty Nine years old. I will be Thirty in ... fourty five days or so, and I'm scared shitless.

I inherited my grandmothers house after spending two years taking care of her in it. She had severe Dimensia and often spoke to the mirrors and bound cutlery and other utensils in towels and belts and hid them around the house in ceiling tiles and vents. During this tumultuous time i became very pre-occupied with Ramsays theory that music for children doesnt necessarily have to be for children. That music placated her and was my only moment of peace in 2 years. I see stereolab as part of that theory.

After inheriting the house i decided to leave a job of finance that i hated and opt for something that i could hold my head up and enjoy every moment of every day, and i do. I currently manage a music store with a small staff of young ppl that i enjoy very much. (and who i think enjoy me) I have a BF of 4.5 years. I enjoy concerts, art museums, and things that require a little thought.

I've seen the groop five times. Two mary's and three non. I have not met any members of the groop and do not care too. I have however met Bj?rk 4 times. And altho i think her newest album is kinda crappy, i was super obcessed with her in the 90's. She was surprisingly nice and acc?midating.

I'm 6'4 balding and have a full beard. I've been on and off the forum 5 years or so, and didnt start speaking untill recently.

Oct 17, 2008, 00:46


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