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Re: Who are you?

I'm Ewan from East Kilbride (near Glasgow) in Scotland. I'm just turned 34 last month and single at the moment. Went back to uni as a mature student to study music production about five years ago, but like most of my younger counterparts I found it neigh on impossible to find any kind of related employment afterwards. I currently work for the Hilton hotel chain, doing very basic web design stuff (also with very basic pay, unfortunately). Well, it's all templated pages i deal with, so it's more like a content update role than actual design work, with only limited creative opportunities in making banners etc now and again. Still, I quite enjoy it, it's nice and relaxed (most of the time), plus the office we work from also houses an international call centre, which is full of beautiful European ladies :)

I first got into Stereolab from a mixed tape some hipster classmate of my younger brothers had made for him, not sure of the year, but the current album in the shops at the time was ETK, as I clearly remember about six months down the line buying Dots and Loops on coloured vinyl from the Our Price store in East Kilbride town centre (unthinkable nowdays!), on the day it came out. By that point I had also purchased all of the previous groop records I could lay my hands on.....

The song which grabbed me and drew me in on this tape I mentioned was "Crest" - I thought it sounded amazing, driving yet hypnotic, all those distorted layers and that bass line. It remains one of my favourite groop tracks to this day. I first saw Stereolab live at the Garage in Glasgow on 29th September 1997 (thanks to Koly for jogging my memory there, and even reminding me of the setlist! The show was completely mesmerising to me, and I was hooked for life. I have since taken every opportunity to see the groop, 5 times so far. Also Monade once. And I've shook hands / briefly spoken to Laetitia after shows twice (Margerine Eclipse tour and Monade this year). I was rather the worse for wear on both occassions and don't think she could understand my accent too well. At Monade in Sleazie's this year I was highly excitable and cheering down at the front as the band took the stage, and Laetitia smiled at me and did some comedy "rock action" moves. Groovy!

I think I started posting on here shortly after the forum went online again after being shut down due to trolling and suchlike. Must have been about 5/6 years ago or something. So, there you have "lab life-story" !

8 )

Oct 17, 2008, 01:21


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