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Machine is Bored With Love
Machine is Bored With Love
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Re: Who are you?

I'm Mike, I'm 24 - originally from Brooklyn, New York - by day I work as a warehouse lead in an awful retail chain store (soon to be going out of business...)in the Phoenix, Arizona area, by night I study classical piano in my own time (mostly French "impressionism"). I'm terribly anti-social and may come off as being rude at times, though I certainly don't mean to be! I've been posting here and there for about 6 months but I've visited the forum often since I found it by chance about 2 years ago. Lots of great music suggestions and there's never a dull moment (except for when that marcschaeffer dude kept posting nonstop a few months back lol)

I've been in love with everything Stereolab ever since I heard the opening blips to a 30 second sound clip of Brakhage on a listening station at work about 4 years ago.

umm...what else...

likes: good music
The New York Mets

dislikes: smokers
drivers who text
the Dallas Cowboys

- next Fridays show will be my first Stereolab show!(yay!) and chances are I'll be the tallest person in the crowd so apologies in advance to anybody whose view I may block :P

Oct 19, 2008, 22:34


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