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Re: Who are you?

I am Wayn.

Same age as Tom, not as good looking maybe but I have probably got more hair.

Originally from Bristol, lived in London for the last 15 years. Divorced with one child. I work in IT with the printing and reprographics industry.

Played drums and percussion since about 12 years old. Don't bother much with bands ... too many egos, too many assholes. Just jam for fun and do a little freelance tuition. I'm pretty good but I need to practise constantly.

Got into the groop around 1998. It got pretty obsessive for couple of years. Finding new music with female vocals that I really liked. Thankfully it has settled down to a mild flirtation with the bands music these days. Seen them live about six times I think. The first one was the best, at the crusty old Shepherds Bush Empire on the Soundust tour with Mary. Still haven't bought or heard the new album.

Other interests: travel, current affairs, tennis, girls, world cinema ... the great virtuoso Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky

Oct 20, 2008, 20:17


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