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I'm a film professor in NYC and a huge Stereolab fan. I first heard of them back in 1992, and quickly bought some of the early singles (now mostly missing as a result of too many moves), then Peng, Switched On, Space Age Bachelor Pad Music and TRNBWA. I moved to Houston in 1994 and saw Stereolab for the first time that month in Dallas as part of Lollapalooza--the main attraction for me. I got a glow in the dark Cliff long sleeved T-shirt (lost in one of those moves) which came in necessary when the temperature dropped from the high 90s to the low 60s after an incredible storm that fortunately came after Stereolab's set. I remember cycling to the record store to pick up MAQ and ETK, although I can't remember when I got the Charles Long cd.

During winter-spring-summer 1997, I saw Stereolab a lot hanging out at the Rainbo Club on Damen Street in Chicago (when they were recording and mixing Dots and Loops), but never dared go up to speak. Mary and Laetitia always seemed such good friends and I'd just look on.

Years later, thanks to a friend who is good friends with Simon, I hung out with them after the Saturday night Town Hall set and went drinking with Andy (who is really nice), Simon (who is great--hysterically funny) and Joe. I told Simon about my times watching them at the Rainbo and he said I should have just come over and hung out with them. Even that night, I dared not speak to Tim or Laetitia (who sat backstage on the beer chest and didn't say much).

Then I met Laetitia when buying tickets at Irving Plaza--I arrived as the group were setting up, stared (I guess) too much and finally she stood and looked at me. I gabbled about how much I loved them and how huge a fan I was (showing my ipod as evidence I had everything, every side product, tour single, remix). She was lovely--and really beautiful.I was a gabbering mess.

So, they've been the soundtrack to graduate school, my dissertation, snowy nights in Chicago, Houston heatwaves, dull days in Pittsburgh and now life in NYC.

I've seen them five times, the best concert being the Microbe tour in Pittsburgh. Favorite albums are Dots and Loops, Cobra, Microbe Hunters, Oscillions. Love the tour singles, especially Jump Drive Shout Out, Rose My Rocket Brain, and the Underground Is Coming.

Oct 28, 2008, 20:01


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