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You Tweeners
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c in dc
c in dc
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Re: You Tweeners

popeye wrote:
i hope you dont think of me as an ass but what does it mean by the "deconstructed" motown sound?
you mean they re-arrange motown style into a way that reminds you of motown but not the same or something? i just find the word deconstructed very hard to understand..

I'm probably misusing the word. Like you said, just meant that on their most recent records Stereolab (and the High Llamas) seemed to reduce the classic Motown/girl-group sound down to the individual parts and elements and then rearrange these pieces back into a different combination that somehow sounds very familiar, yet completely new and modern at the same time. "3 Women" is a great example. I'm surprised at the lack of love for that song. I think it is great; one of the bands best singles (Chemical Chords' own little Miss Modular).
BTW, I can't tell if you are making a great joke at my expense, or being serious when you say that the word deconstruction is a hard word to understand. I believe in one of its original meanings, the word "deconstruction" is a philosophical term integral to the idea that text, when broken into its individual words and symbols, may be shown to have no precise meaning at all. We should ask Slushy.

Aug 07, 2009, 17:58