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Why does music so often divide the sexes?
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Re: Why does music so often divide the sexes?

These are some pretty lame chicks. It's funny, two of my best friends I feel moved to constantly compliment on their musical taste, and in both cases, they like more straight forward rock and heavier guitar than I usually do. And I like a lot of stuff that would be seen as "girly", Tori Amos and Kate Bush.

I think the music you listen to is more of a socio-economic thing. Everybody who goes to a liberal arts college and is some sort of humanities major listens to indie rock (or undie rap). We sort of make it our business to be musical connesieurs.

Business majors and people who are into sports or whatever are usually less critical of music, they're busy doing stuff and getting laid, and so often will enjoy crap.

Oct 17, 2008, 19:35


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