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"Honey, I shrunk the record store!!"
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Yeah, I've seen some great record stores close down in Detroit in the last 4 years. There's only one good one left. The others have been reduced to the used-cd/lp trade. I have tried to place special orders with some of these stores, and only the one is able to consistently fulfill them, and even then there's only x-amount of labels that are distributed to them. That's the other problem, some distributors are failing, such as Caroline (Arts & Crafts, Astralwerks, CarPark, Eastern Conference, Ghostly, Morr, Mr Bongo, Plug Research, Rapster, Warp, etc.), to distribute to these stores, plus keeping lower and lower stocks in their own warehouses. Pretty soon the record store will be one more missing piece of the pedestrian consumer experience.

Aug 15, 2009, 23:50