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Sound-Dust is truly the best
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Stereo Mouse
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Re: Sound-Dust is truly the best

calapia wrote:
Well, Schoenberg once said "idea transcends style" so I think that knocking it for it's "loungey style" is not completely fair to the music. I personally like the style, but I also think it's Stereolab at one of their most subtle, cinematic, and compositionally (is that a real word?) sound points. I don't think other albums compare with the way that SD builds and falls and develops. But that's me.

I don't know what to say. On one hand, I'd like to dismiss lounge music in Stereolab's case as a cop-out and an indicator that they could not do anything genuinely complex without resorting to these kinds of stylistic confines. But then, SD does sound complex enough and has several of my all time favorite pieces ("Spacemoth" and "Captain Easychord" especially). And lounge can be a good thing in the post-rock context. But Pram sounds more accomplished in that idiom.

So I guess I just say that there isn't a perfect Stereolab album out there. Take any album and you could criticize them all for some sort of perceived shortcomings. Some miss the drone when listening to Sound Dust, but others are drawn to the arrangements and judge albums like Transient inferior for the lack thereof. Stereolab certainly isn't out there to please anyone else but themselves. Despite their strong pop core, Stereolab really is what the name promises: a laboratory of exploratory musical ideas. As such, it's possible to have both great stuff and then some not so great things. A phenomenal band, but not that infallible.

Oct 19, 2008, 23:52


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