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Re: mis-heard lyrics

Labhead wrote:
LOL, oh my dog, I screwed up bad on trying to understand those lyrics on my own. (BTW, I think it's "a pill of heroin", not a pound or the baby would O.D.!)

Anyway, when she says "You're not a doctor", I thought 'the doctor' said back to her "You're a white girl", like trying to say she's just an average lady who doesn't understand what doctors are doing (doctors around here are often not white). Too funny how we can mistake lyrics, there's even a whole site (I think) dedicated to mis-heard lyrics.

Fuck off, i thought it was white girl for AGES. as the two ladies were speaking to each other. Koly says Pound, and That file thats floating says pill. I've always been partial to the pound/dead baby theory. As they discuss using coffins for chilldren that young earlier in the song. But its a pretty non-sensicle song. Perscibing heroin for bed wetting, and not moving? fixing chin boo-boos by standing on a ledge? But all in all everything can be fixed by having drinks with friends and going to the cinema :)

Oct 20, 2008, 21:09


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