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Re: Jesus

xperceptor wrote:
For what it's worth I think as long we do not know what WAS prior to the big bang and what lies out there in infinity then we should not discount the existance of God.

Regarding Jesus,I think he was Jewish with a middle eastern appearance given the time and location of the writings of the Bible.Whether he was actually the son of God remains in skepticism, but his presence was documented in the Bible.

It has been said that,and I'm not trying to be funny, there was a hallucinogenic plant growing in the middle east at the time of the biblical writings. The writers of the Bible were tripping when they wrote of the accounts of the miracles being performed by Jesus.

I don't agree with your first paragraph. The burden is to prove there could be something since there's never been any evidence other than heresay. Simply not being able to explain something isn't reason enough to think that some magical/mystical force may be the explanation. Look at history, they used to think an eclipse was a dragon swalling the sun because they sure as hell couldn't imagine any other reason before science explained it for everybody. It's only a matter of time before everything can be explained somehow. Even the very un-scientific Ghost Hunters has been able to explain away and disprove many ghost stories.

I've also heard descriptions of Jesus as having brown skin, middle-eastern appearance, Jewish, etc, but I've also heard that there were at least a couple dozen "prophets" around the same time as Jesus that were fulfilling the same prophesies, such as turning water into wine, walking on the water, healing people, etc... for some reason, Jesus is the one who lasted although it could have easily been one of the others who went down in history by sheer luck of circumstances.

The hallucinogenic plants of that time do explain a lot of it, as well. Watch Monty Python's Life of Brian to imagine how the rest of it probably happened. :)

Also, keep in mind that the bible wasn't written during that time. It was written mostly by different people at least a generation or two after it allegedly happened. Why are people so trusting in what other people wrote so many years ago when so little was known... they probably weren't even aware that the plants made them hallucinate, much less knowing that they could have been going insane from mercury or other poisoning as well.

Regardless, the bible isn't completely worthless, there's some good life lessons to be learned in it, but other parts of it are complete rubbish as well.

Sep 17, 2009, 17:42


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