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Re: Jesus

Labhead wrote:

I don't agree with your first paragraph. The burden is to prove there could be something since there's never been any evidence other than heresay. Simply not being able to explain something isn't reason enough to think that some magical/mystical force may be the explanation. Look at history, they used to think an eclipse was a dragon swalling the sun because they sure as hell couldn't imagine any other reason before science explained it for everybody. It's only a matter of time before everything can be explained somehow. Even the very un-scientific Ghost Hunters has been able to explain away and disprove many ghost stories.

There is "something else" other than the alleged magical mystical forces that theolgians write about and the forces that have been explained by science. That "something" is not going to be explained any time soon given our current mind set. Perhaps humans have not evolved to a point of being able to understand. Given infinity it may well be a very long time. If the beginning of the beginning of all things does not exist then it has to be a circle. Right?

Sep 17, 2009, 18:28


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