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Re: Jesus

Labhead wrote:

Also, keep in mind that the bible wasn't written during that time. It was written mostly by different people at least a generation or two after it allegedly happened. Why are people so trusting in what other people wrote so many years ago when so little was known... they probably weren't even aware that the plants made them hallucinate, much less knowing that they could have been going insane from mercury or other poisoning as well.

Regardless, the bible isn't completely worthless, there's some good life lessons to be learned in it, but other parts of it are complete rubbish as well.

To put it in chronological perspective, Paul writing letters to the church about about Jesus would be like us writing an essay about Jack Kerouac. None of us knew Kerouac, but we know what he said and did.

That hallucinogen theory is stupid. I highly doubt that people were so stupid as to eat a plant and say "Whoah, look at Jesus, he's raising that guy from the dead." However, it is true that the mind of the ancient man was more receptive to the power of myth and symbolism. However, because of this, man was able to do more miraculous things, because he was directly connected with the life force of creation without being critical of it, the way a plant absorbs sunlight without having to decide to do it, or an animal in nature knows exactly how to behave and what to do in order to survive without being instructed to do it. Things could be true to the ancients without being proved by science. This is the crux of the issue: modern man is unable to fully enter into his own experience. He is constantly objectifying, studying, and classifying because of the curse of Aristotle.

Sep 18, 2009, 19:30


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