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Mars Rover
Mars Rover
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Re: Jesus

Left Boob Oscillator wrote:
Mars Rover wrote:
Left Boob Oscillator wrote:
Mars Rover wrote:

You are being highly disrespectful and condecending. No wonder church attendence has been dropping for a century.

How so? It's obvious to me that you are merely being self-referential. You are saying "the universe inside me is a product of my imagination."

By saying:

"It is the "leap of faith" that allows the spiritual seeker to transcend the mind and feel his connection with the universe on a higher level"

You are telling me i am a low-level thinker. i dont think i need to believe in your version of a religion in order to be well connected to the universe. i feel i am very well in-tune with the universe relatively.

I'm not criticizing your intellect any more than I would criticize my own. I am saying that the intellect is a tool and nothing more. It is not to be solely relied on to prove anything. Beyond the powers of reason and observation lie the powers of intuition, and sometimes it is intuition which provides the answers.

Likewise, when you look at your own physical body, you can't rely on your eyes alone and say that your body exists only on one level. We have astral, mental, etheric, and spiritual bodies as well.

Everything exists on more than one level. The many things are one thing.


Yes, i realize all of this LBO, but intuition to me does not equal some religious or spiritual power. i think our brains can create these ideas. Also, you say these things like "we have.... spiritual bodies as well" as if they are proven fact.

and round and round we'll go.

Sep 18, 2009, 20:38


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