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Left Boob Oscillator
Left Boob Oscillator
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Re: Jesus

Mars Rover wrote:

Yes, i realize all of this LBO, but intuition to me does not equal some religious or spiritual power. i think our brains can create these ideas. Also, you say these things like "we have.... spiritual bodies as well" as if they are proven fact.

and round and round we'll go. [/quote]

See, you rely on whether or not something is "a proven fact" in order to decide whether you are willing to entertain the notion of its existence.

And while I see intuition as a means of connection with a larger body of knowledge (whether it be Jung's collective unconscious or something of a religious nature), you reduce it to a function of the brain, because of your predilection for making everything a matter of simple physicality.

I'm not arguing with you, I'm just illustrating the difference between our approaches to reality (which I posted about above).

Sep 18, 2009, 20:57


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