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Re: Jesus

whisperscream wrote:
Mars Rover wrote:
whisperscream wrote:
When you take the blame for something that a friend did because you would rather feel the pain of the retribution than to see your friend hurt, that was the example that Jesus set. Science cannot replicate that.

That is just being a kind hearted individual. You are placing your own biases on the situation.

I understand what you mean, but my judgement is not clouded because I use examples from the stories in the Bible to illustrate my points? My decisions in life especially in situations envolving people's feelings are made based upon the teachings of religions whether it be Christianity or Buddhism for that matter. Most other decisions made are based upon my love of science.

Whisperscream, Rover is displaying his bias as well. He is unwilling to admit that Jesus can be a teacher. He wants to reduce the importance of Jesus's teachings in your life by saying that you are "just being kind-hearted."

Sep 18, 2009, 21:08


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