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Left Boob Oscillator
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Re: Jesus

Labhead wrote:

Sounds like a great way for cults to get started. After all, faith is what you hope for with zero evidence, huh? Gee, I can think of lots of things to hope for... I have faith that I will get a flying hoverboard with 40 virgins attached that has already been created in the Flying Spaghetti Monster netherworld. Don't tell me it doesn't exist, I know it does, I have faith!

I've heard a lot of folks who believe say that their "proof" comes from feeling a connection with their god through prayer, etc, that's why I brought up the point of the power of feelings. I read an interesting article a year or two ago where scientists were able to reproduce the "out-of-body" and spiritual feeling that people get during prayer and meditation. They acheived and reproduced this while monitoring brain waves and noticing that when people pray and meditate, many parts of the brain shut down/turned off, kinda like when we sleep at night. So, yeah, when you pray or meditate, your mind is entering a dream-like state, so of course people will have goofy thoughts and feelings, but they're no different than dreaming in reality. I'm sure it's theraputic, though, and that's why us agnostics and atheists should probably find another outlet such as yoga or enjoying a sunny nap on a nice summer day.

No, faith is not "zero evidence." Faith IS evidence, by definition. Let me give an example. Colonel Sanders has a chicken recipe. He knows that he can use it to make money. Because he has the evidence of his faith, he persists in spite of investors turning him down, until he finally succeeds.

Scoff all you want--go on wishing for your flying hoverboard, but I doubt you will get it...Let me tell you why: It's stupid to have faith in things you know you CAN'T get. Nowhere in St. Paul's definition does he talk about using faith to get ridiculous, nonsensical things that don't exist. We have to cooperate with nature and use our common sense.

As for part of the brain "turning off," they were probably turning off that petty tyrant known as the intellect. I heard it rules the lives of poor atheists.

Sep 18, 2009, 23:24


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