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Re: Jesus

Left Boob Oscillator wrote:
No, faith is not "zero evidence." Faith IS evidence, by definition. Let me give an example. Colonel Sanders has a chicken recipe. He knows that he can use it to make money. Because he has the evidence of his faith, he persists in spite of investors turning him down, until he finally succeeds.

Scoff all you want--go on wishing for your flying hoverboard, but I doubt you will get it...Let me tell you why: It's stupid to have faith in things you know you CAN'T get. Nowhere in St. Paul's definition does he talk about using faith to get ridiculous, nonsensical things that don't exist. We have to cooperate with nature and use our common sense.

As for part of the brain "turning off," they were probably turning off that petty tyrant known as the intellect. I heard it rules the lives of poor atheists.

I disagree. How can pure belief be evidence in and of itself? How many "beliefs" have we all seen that turned out not to be true? If it were evidence, nothing would turn out to not be true.
Definition: "firm belief in something for which there is no proof"

Colonel Sanders used his intellect, not faith. He knows chicken is tasty, he knows his secret recipe is tasty because all his friends/family said so, and he knows people need to eat. He knows he has a plan. We all know that you are likely to succeed if you have a good plan and don't give up. None of this is attributed to spiritual or other non-tangeable things, it's pure business. The KFC outlets didn't magically appear from water or drop from heaven, it came from hard work.

I think the concept of god that most subscribe to is completely ridiculous and nonsensical, so I don't really see the difference between believing in god or a purple polka-dotted flying elephant.

I take no offense to being ruled by intellect. It drives everything, even emotions. After all, if you lose your brain, you'll lose your emotions and all other thoughts as well.

Sep 18, 2009, 23:40


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