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Top 10 of the 2000's
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Re: Top 10 of the 2000's

Mars Rover wrote:
"The oughts" are they called?


Anyway, the decade is almost over, unbelievably. So, what are your top 10 albums of the past 10 years? Forget what the critics say are the most "influential" and all that crap. Just tell us what albums influenced your life the most in the last 10 years. i realize we still have a little time left, but we can edit the lists if anything mind-blowing comes along in the next 3 months. Broadcast i'm looking at you! i haven't got a list yet, need to think about it. Just wanted to throw this out there.

Also, what were you up to ten years ago? i was in a band called The Psychic Violence and my whole life revolved around it. We were playing shows in Philly at the time, i thought i would do that for the rest of my life. i was 22 and naive. We broke up in '00. Can't believe its been that long.

"And then one day you'll find 10 years have got behind you..."
- Pink Floyd

They're called "The Noughties".

I was recovering from a fall from a ladder - you can't beat a close encounter with death to bring about an examination of what an wasteful self-indulgent self centred obnoxious f^ck*ng idiot one has been in life. It also brings one eventually wonder what excuse most everyone else living in a privileged western lifestyle has to behave like gits.

Yep, a genuine close encounter with Mr Scythe, can't recommend it highly enough.


Sep 18, 2009, 09:32


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