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Dots and Loops is the best.
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Re: Dots and Loops is the best.

Stereo Mouse wrote:
k. wrote:
Refractions is epic. I love each part of it. It was cool that they performed it on the DOTS tour, but it'll probably never get the live treatment again, unfortunately.

But I beg to differ. The Flower Called Nowhere is the best thing on the album!

I might be mistaken but I don't think they ever performed Refractions in its entirety. I recall that parts one and three have been played (on separate occasions, part one on some live bootleg, part three on Peel Session). That's what I know for certain.

So far, here's my account of all Dots tunes played live at one point or other:
Diagonals (I think that one was ME tour, right?)
Refractions (only parts 1, 3)
Contronatura (highly likely only part 2)

This means 6 full songs and two partially. Out of 10.

Whereas with Cobra I have counted that 10 out of 15 have been played live to this day.

Sound Dust? 9 songs out of 12, believe it or not. The only ones not played is the opening Black Ants/Spacemoth sequence and Diabolique.

Very intersting statistics here, well researched. Thank you!
Did they even play HALLUCINEX from S.D.?
That is a pretty song, but maybe the weakest of the album.

Oct 21, 2008, 01:21


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