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Dots and Loops is the best.
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Re: Dots and Loops is the best.

Peepscat wrote:
I'm not going to sling mud, but ETK is the most dated of all their records. Partly because it got so heavily played (relative to the others) but also because it was so much of its time. D&L is like nothing else--if Parsec is dated (and it isn't to me) it's because it was used for the VW debut.

I just feel ETK is the one album that was picked up by people who really don't like Stereolab and there are reasons--good and bad--for that. It is overrated, I think. I see it as the sometimes very good, sometimes off, quirky transitional record that gets over-praised. And the over-praising ruins it, at least for me.

If there's any album that's the most "praised" and "overrated" it's Dots. ETK is transitional in that it wraps up the earlier era and connects it with many new and varied ideas; but most of all it's well composed and arranged and has a vitality that's steadily declined since (though Sound-dust remains a favorite). That doesn't mean it's half-heared or incomplete. It's an exciting, inspired record and any praise thrown at it is well deserved. It is a "classic" through and through.

What always bothered me about Dots is how mired it is in mid-90's trip hop and glitch sounds. I know it's impossible to always avoid being influenced by the times and not always being so forward looking (like they typically were), but the whole reliance on the computer to compose and arragne the songs ultimately reveals it as rather flat. That said, there are three or four songs on Dots that I absolutely love, but on the whole I'm not enamored of it.

Oct 31, 2008, 19:19


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