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Dots and Loops is the best.
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Re: Dots and Loops is the best.

Peepscat wrote:
I guess we like different things about Stereolab. I see ETK as a good, but ultimately very over-rated work--yet the same people who love it so often knock MAQ with which it has a fair amount in common (and I have great affection for MAQ). I also think Sound Dust is a little disappointing. I don't see D and L as trip-hoppy at all--instead the influences of the Chicago scene (improv/jazz work) seem to be primary along with Brazilian music. Cobra takes that Chicago influence even further, but I think one of the reasons I love D and L so much is that there is nothing else like it.

I think in general ETK people seem to like MAQ. They're so close in style and years to be of the same cloth, but different enough, etc... ETK certainly references the older material in terms of having more energy.

I am a huge fan of Brazilian music, but aside from "Rainbo Conversation" I don't hear it much on Dots. In fact, "Prisoner of Mars" always struck me as more of a Sade song with it's sultry downtempo sound. Not a bad song really, just emblematic of a more generic sound. Ultimately I hear more loungey sounds in general than any pervasive Brazilian flourishes.

Oct 31, 2008, 21:08


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