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Dots and Loops is the best.
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Stereo Mouse
Stereo Mouse
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Re: Dots and Loops is the best.

There is a point hidden in the words of Waxenpith: that if there was a way to turn around history and change just one thing, then the entire fate of an album might also turn around drastically. I just believe in that sort of thing, that everything that happens is very interconnected. But where we part is the idea that there should be any kind of notion of infallibility regarding either the band itself or any of its albums. Non-commercial music that does not strive to please the wide audience is by definition self-indulgent. You only do music that pleases you first and foremost. Sometimes that self indulgence happens to be such a success that it indulges other listeners as well. Other times, not so much. Therefore, criticism should be accepted, because it's human.

Nov 03, 2008, 08:18


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